Thursday, April 7, 2011

Encountering the One, in the beginning...

Monday was earth shaking.

Or maybe that was just inside of me.  


... a word... an event ...

brings so much expectation. If ....

you have heard His heartbeat before. 

We prayed. And prayed. And prayed. For Sunday night...

What was it going to be? The first night....

A glorious absence of expectation... And it was Divine.

So back to Monday... invitations went out far and wide, begging high-powered people to let Him change them. Let following Him cost them something.

By Wednesday evening, the thoughts twirl about purpose and historical purpose and massive amounts of reading about long term effects of revivals...

No wonder the disciples kept asking Jesus such silly questions.

It's all about Him. And we don't and won't get the hindsight beforehand. 

Reach the lost and dying one with Good News. Will we follow? Will the cost be too high? Or will we be radically changed in the Presence of the One?  

His Power. Not ours. Not anyone's. His. Only His.

Help the one with the love that comes by Encountering the One.

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